Sports Medicine



Sports Medicine refers to the medical specialty that is focused on the injuries and damage caused to various parts of the body caused by injury or trauma from physical activities.

What is it?

Sports Medicine is a medical specialty that is focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries that are caused by sports or athletic activity. The damage can be to various areas of the body and may require the assistance of different types of medical professionals, including physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, non-surgical sports specialists, athletic trainers, and rehabilitation specialists. Sports medicine is aimed at repairs of the muscles, bones, joints, as well as other affected areas that have the potential of being damaged due to sports injuries.

What are the commonly associated medical diseases or symptoms?

Since the specialty of Sports Medicine cannot be pinpointed to one particular area of the body, there are multiple different diseases, symptoms, and injuries that are commonly associated with this specialty. Commonly associated diseases, symptoms, and procedures may include sprains, fractures, concussions, meniscus tears, cartilage and bone damage. In addition, tears of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are also common.

What are the commonly associated medical procedures?

The procedures to rectify common sports medicine injuries are diverse, but common procedures include ACL reconstructions, cartilage restoration procedures, surgical fracture repairs, Labral repairs, Rotator cuff repair surgery, and tendon repairs. Often, many sports injury repairs are performed with arthroscopic surgery. This surgical technique is minimally invasive and involves the use of a camera that is inserted inside the joints to determine the issues present and rectify them.

What are the preventative measures I can take?

The use of protective equipment during contact sports is a common way to prevent many injuries due to sports. It is also important to pace yourself when performing physical activities and only do as much as you can. Overuse of certain areas of the body without proper rest may cause unwanted wear and tear.

What are the common misconceptions about this specialty?

One of the biggest misconceptions about sports medicine injuries is that they only affect athletes. This is untrue, as sports medicine injuries can affect anyone who has incurred certain injuries through various physical activities. Another popular sports medicine misconception is related to the treatment of sports medicine ailments. Many believe that it is best to heat the affected area immediately after an injury, but it is in fact best to put ice on the affected area after injury. Ice will slow the blood flow to the affected area in order to reduce inflammation.


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