Meet Our Research Division:

GlobeHealer’s Research Division includes talented and like-minded individuals motivated by a shared desire to help create a consumer-friendly, transparent health care system. The Research Division works tirelessly to locate and consolidate accurate health care data, evaluate and design review systems, and ensure the accessibility of this information.

The Research Division consists of a diverse group of individuals, many of whom reflect the future of health care. With aspiring physicians, medical students, and young professionals with broad research experience and diverse perspectives, the Research Division understands the challenges facing patients, along with the complexities and limitations of the current healthcare system. Members of our Research Division have backgrounds in research, from the biomedical sciences to global health and public policy.

Grounded by the team’s experience and commitment to diligent research, GlobeHealer collects and consolidates a vast amount of health care data, converts it into an accessible format, and provides the foundation of our innovative patient-centric website which will aid you through your healthcare experience

The Research:

The Research Division’s work is multi-faceted. The team has collected and consolidated healthcare data, researched quality assurance parameters, and analyzed aspects of web design to ensure GlobeHealer built an intuitive, engaging platform.

Data Collection:

Patients have access to staggering amounts of health care data using internet resources. But access does not frequently engender understanding, and health-related information is often misinterpreted by overwhelmed patients. With full knowledge of the difficulties facing technologically savvy healthcare consumers, the Research Division’s primary focus was to review, synthesize and select the most accurate and meaningful information  for patients. Following this methodical and studious enterprise, GlobeHealer’s expert Physicians reviewed this content to ensure its validity and clinical significance. This allows GlobeHealer to deliver only the most relevant and essential health care information to our clients.

The Research Division gathers information on average procedure costs from around the world, reviews how the best hospitals consistently provide high quality care, and study the differences in health insurance systems between countries. We are developing method to present previously unavailable healthcare pricing and cost information directly to our patients in an accessible manner using our website.

Quality Assurance:

In the near future, GlobeHealer intends to use price, procedure, outcomes, and patients feedback data to create a quality index that is correlated with actual, not estimated, costs.  The Research Division judiciously examines how healthcare systems across the globe use patient feedback and other clinical data to control cost while increasing the efficacy of patient care. GlobeHealer’s patient-centric model  presupposes that patients are properly informed and actively participate as a member of their own interdisciplinary healthcare team.

Our Role in the GlobeHealer Vision:

The Research Division works in an incremental and studious manner while holding to the highest standards of academic and scientific investigation to move GlobeHealer towards its ultimate goal of improving patient care around the world.  The Research Division works closely with GlobeHealer’s elite software development team and seasoned clinicians to help patients access accountable and transparent care for themselves and their loved ones.

GlobeHealer’s research division leads the data collection and consolidation efforts. As a result of these extensive efforts, GlobeHealer  empowers patient with clear, concise and accurate information. The Research Division works every day to further refine and add to GlobeHealer’s growing database of reliable and easy-to-use information.