Shoulder Separation Surgery


Shoulder separation surgery aims to repair the area of the shoulder known as the AC joint. This may become damaged through different sports injuries.

What is it? 

Shoulder separation surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at repairing the acromioclavicular joint, also known as the AC joint. This joint connects the shoulder blade to the collarbone. When trauma is inflicted to the shoulder, the connection may be torn or separated. In a shoulder separation surgery, a surgeon will realign the AC joint and insert screws to keep the affected areas in place. These screws may be removed after the area has healed.

What should I do to prepare?  

You should consult your doctor for the best-individualized plan to prepare for surgery. This surgery often requires general anesthesia, so you should follow the general precautions when having a procedure involving anesthesia. This includes refraining from eating or drinking the night prior to surgery and avoiding certain medications.

What happens during the process?  

During surgery, an incision will be made across the AC joint. The areas of the joint that are torn or dislocated will be reattached and realigned. Screws will be inserted in order to hold the clavicle in place while the ligaments heal. These screws may be removed after the area has healed.

What are the risks and potential complications?  

As with most surgeries, shoulder separation surgery poses potential risks and complications. This may include allergies to certain medications, infection and bleeding at the incision site, swelling, pain, and nerve damage. There is also the potential for the joint to incorrectly heal if it is overused while healing.


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