GlobeHealer’s Role in Healthcare

Patients looking for medical care often find themselves adrift – navigating from one website to another, while also trying to understand the overwhelming amount of complicated, sometimes confusing. medical information. Searching medical websites often raise more questions than answers and typically leads to confusion. GlobeHealer streamlines this process by linking patients directly to healthcare providers and thus, enabling them to communicate openly with their physician. This is accomplished through our patient portal by providing people with a way to find safe, high quality, and appropriately priced healthcare worldwide.

Portable Medical Documents

Once patients create a GlobeHealer account, they will have initiated their patient profile in the GlobeHealer portal. Through their profile, patients will be able to communicate with a GlobeHealer case manager to develop a customized treatment plan. The GlobeHealer portal allows patients to check on the status of their appointments, travel arrangements, upcoming costs and completed payments, as well as many other aspects of their care.

The GlobeHealer patient portal also offers a secure and convenient way for providers to access patients’ medical records. Once a case manager helps a patient upload their electronic medical records into the portal, their physician can access them at any time. With appropriate medical records at their fingertips, physicians will be able to evaluate each patient’s situation with comprehensive knowledge of his or her medical history so that their care will be thorough and individually tailored to their patient. Ongoing updates to a patient’s medical history enable physicians and case managers to fill any gaps in the electronic health records, either when working alone or when filling out their documents in tandem with their Case Managers.

GlobeHealer also synthesizes these portable medical documents to create comprehensive patient summaries. This document provides a compact summary of a patient’s medical records so physicians can easily access this information and optimally treat their patients.

Provider Services- Hospitals 

Through quality and cost transparency, GlobeHealer helps hospitals around the world. We showcase the extraordinary skills of your physicians to a global patient population. This enables patients to access, assess and compare the healthcare data on GlobeHealer providers. Through transparency, GlobeHealer will expand the reputation and accessibly of our premier partner hospitals across the globe and in doing so, increase patient volume at these institutions.

Preferred Hospitals:

After thorough analysis, GlobeHealer’s group of physician experts will compile a directory of trustworthy, dependable and high performing hospitals from around the world. In addition to their reliability and consistent delivery of high quality care, these hospitals have received recognition and accreditation by the prestigious Joint Commission (formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Partner Hospitals:

An elite network of hospitals and individual institutions that have signed contracts with GlobeHealer. The partnerships with GlobeHealer demonstrate that these hospitals are committed to increasing patient accessibility to high quality, equitable care. Our Partnered Hospitals direct their dedicated clinical and support personnel to refine their focus towards maximizing the quality and efficacy of patient care.


Telehealth, or virtual medicine, is a novel method of helping patients access and communicate with healthcare providers. Technological advances, such as internet-based video conferencing allow patients in rural areas, or from great distances, to avoid travel expenses and office wait times to speak directly to physicians across all specialties. An increasing number of virtual or telephone-based communication methods give Physicians various options to contact, educate, advise, monitor, and care for their patients. GlobeHealer employs Telehealth to support our Case Managers and increase patient satisfaction. Case Managers help patients connect to their physicians using internet-based videoconferencing, allowing patients to control their healthcare experience while discussing treatment options, upcoming appointments, travel plans, obtaining second opinions and asking questions directly to physicians.

Quality and Cost Data

GlobeHealer provides accurate and clear information regarding the quality and cost of every procedure offered by our preferred and partnered hospitals and make this information available to our patients and providers. for procedures in different countries. GlobeHealer also informs patients on what they should know before undergoing a specific procedure – in other words, we help people understand what these procedures accomplish in theory and practice. We define the procedures as well as average convalescence periods, and instructions on preparing for these procedures. GlobeHealer’s comprehensive informational resources empowers our patients – giving them the knowledge they need to compare physicians and hospitals located in different countries. This information allows them to make the best choice of provider and hospital that offers the highest quality care at a mutually agreeable price.

Insurance Companies

If necessary, GlobeHealer case managers serve as liaisons between providers and health insurance companies to ensure patients receive proper coverage from approved providers. GlobeHealer also partners with select health insurance companies to provide options for GlobeHealer patients. The select health insurance company partnerships has the added benefit of access to large databases to improve the transparency and accuracy of our quality and cost data.

Reducing Healthcare Costs Internationally

GlobeHealer empowers patients to make informed healthcare decisions using independently gathered quality and cost metrics. GlobeHealer leverages these data analytics with patient feedback to identify patterns in healthcare costs and performance. Aggregating and connecting patient feedback with quality and cost information is a unique feature of GlobeHealer. At GlobeHealer we focus on international patient experiences and highlight provider performance to enlighten our patients. Thus, GlobeHealer empowers patients – putting them at the center of their healthcare decision-making and offering them unparalleled control over their decision regarding the site and provider of their treatment. GlobeHealer simplifies the process of finding and receiving quality healthcare anywhere in the world.