About Us

GlobeHealer empowers patients – putting them at the center of their healthcare decision-making and offering them unparalleled control over their treatment. GlobeHealer simplifies the process of finding and receiving quality healthcare anywhere in the world, providing patients with information and access to the best care.

How is GlobeHealer changing the future of healthcare?

Using GlobeHealer affords you the unique opportunity to improve healthcare around the world. Global healthcare suffers from a lack of standardized quality parameters or cost incentives. These barriers prevent hospitals from adequately comparing their quality of care to other local, regional or international standards. Furthermore, there are no quality standards correlated with cost. For example, the US maintains some of the highest healthcare costs compared to other countries but this does not mean that the same quality cannot be found in other countries. Using our secure patient platform enables you to share your healthcare experience with GlobeHealer so we can develop an international comparative database and ultimately, better serve patients worldwide. As GlobeHealer continues to grow and patients become more empowered, healthcare institutions will become transparent — displaying hospital quality and procedure costs upfront.

Why GlobeHealer?

Identifying and accessing quality care remains elusive. Our mission is to empower patients with access to the critical information necessary for them to make the best healthcare decisions.

We’re disrupting the current healthcare marketplace by informing patients and connecting them with premier healthcare providers and facilities that best matches their desired procedures. To meet our patients’ needs, we partnered with leading providers around the world who consistently deliver quality, patient-focused care. We also created a team of medical experts that supports our patients throughout their healthcare experiences. We facilitate and establish these connections for you, so your treatment options match your needs. The result is a new, patient-centric healthcare environment, where patients have priority access to quality care and transparency on healthcare costs.

Our GlobeHealer platform provides you with access to quality care which is measured based on objective data, not the select information hospitals and providers decide to make public. We evaluate each one of our preferred providers on the quality of their services, specialties, and reputation. This feedback consists of quality measures that cover the entire patient process, including pre-operative, operative, and discharge processes. This feedback is conversation-styled to capture every element of the patient experience. These specific details create a detailed story that GlobeHealer collects which will allow us to globally enhance healthcare delivery.

GlobeHealer leverages these data analytics with patient feedback to identify patterns in healthcare costs and performance which transcend traditional national borders. These vast informational resources educate and engage our patients, providers, and users to focus their attention on an outcome- and value-based patient care model. Aggregating and collecting patient feedback with quality and cost information challenges current methods of analyzing and defining “high-quality” care.

How do I get started?

First, enroll in GlobeHealer’s innovative online platform and create a profile by entering your medical history and desired treatment. The online portal will present options on which hospitals provide the best quality of care based on your needs. After offering these suggestions, the portal connects you with one of Globe Healer’s talented case managers, who will work with you to address your concerns and meet your treatment preferences.

GlobeHealer case managers are your partners throughout this experience. They assist patients in making more informed healthcare choices and help patients decide where to receive the best medical care for their desired treatment and cost. This seamless coordination of care aids patient decision- making by enabling patients to quickly get connected to institutions that provide the highest quality of care.

We empower patients with the information in our cutting-edge patient portal, providing them with case managers to oversee their care and expert guidance from our panel of physicians. We build you a customized support system to help you share any questions, comments or concerns regarding any aspect of your treatment experience. Your case manager helps you make the most of your treatment plan and uses your feedback to drive systemic change.