Broken Collar Bone Surgery


Broken Collar Bone Surgery repairs the collarbone area after trauma or fracture. It is necessary in about 5-10% of all broken clavicle cases.

What is it?  

Broken Collar Bone Surgery is a necessary surgery to repair a broken collarbone in certain situations. This may include multiple fractures in one collar bone, shortening in the collar bone due to bone loss, collar bone breaking through the skin, collar bone fractures that cause nerve damage, and bones that fail to heal properly. Surgery to repair the broken Collar Bone is not as common as the collar bone healing on its own, but it may be necessary in cases such as these.

What should I do to prepare?  

It may be necessary to try to allow the bone to heal on its own before surgery is performed, or surgery may need to be performed in emergency situations. It is best to consult your doctor to determine the best course of preparation before your procedure.

What happens during the process?  

During the process, an incision will be made, and the bone will be repositioned so that it is properly aligned. It will then be held in place using plates, screws, or pins on the outer surface of the bone.

What are the potential risks and complications?  

There are potential risks and complications regarding broken collar bone surgery, including bleeding, infection, and pain. Due to the placement of the collarbone, there is the possibility that the placement of the plates, screws, or pins irritating the skin when rubbed against everyday objects such as a seatbelt. In this case, it may be necessary to have the hardware removed after the fracture is healed properly.


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