The GlobeHealer team is composed of world-class medical experts and caregivers who understand the challenges confronting patients and hospitals . Providers need to deliver higher quality care, while reducing costs and improving operations. They also face a dynamic regulatory environment and changing market dynamics. The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture, underscoring a need for innovation and improvement.

GlobeHealer harnesses the skills and abilities of our diverse team to help clients deliver greater value to their patients and constituents.

Healthcare Governance 

Healthcare Governance is the systematic approach to continuously maintaining and improving the quality of patient care with in a health system. GlobeHealer’s services support healthcare governance goals around the world. By partnering with expert physicians and leading health institutions, GlobeHealer matches patients with the ideal treatment plan and physician to maximize favorable outcomes for providers.

Moreover, GlobeHealer provides hospital analytics data so healthcare providers and patients understand the average standard of care an institution or individual clinician routinely delivers. By giving the patient the information to weigh and decide the best treatment option from intuitions around the world, GlobeHealer will encourage providers to adopt best practices or loose patients.

Patient Concierge Services 

Concierge Services are available to our patients to provide the guidance and make their hospital stay easier and more comfortable. GlobeHealer’s presence augments and supports local Patient Concierge Services, and GlobeHealer offers similar services. With access to GlobeHealer’s procedure and hospital informational database , we inform patients with everything they need to know about a specific procedure, including cost, total recovery time, possible complications, other risks, and other treatment options. Patients also benefit from GlobeHealer’s patient feedback resources, and learn about  others who underwent similar treatment plans . GlobeHealer’s thorough information and other resources support patients throughout their hospital stay. Utilizing GlobeHealer’s accessible information and services, patients can compare hospital’s strengths and receive expert advice when deciding on their medical care. .

Physician Recruitment & Placement 

For hospitals around the world finding the best fit physicians, those who  are receptive to and practice patient-focused,  is a difficult task requiring a high level of organization and research. The GlobeHealer Expert Group of physicians assists providers, helping them find and recruit the most appropriate doctors for their patient’s needs. Our exceptional network of seasoned physicians painstakingly reviews potential candidates to provide informed recommendations on Physician Recruitment and Placement. Finding the most appropriate candidates for a specific hospital is one of the many tangible benefits arising from  GlobeHealer’s  data analytics. Our data analysis incorporates patient feedback with hospital gathered metrics, so we may assist providers with  data derived insights into hospital-physician performance in relation to quality and cost parameters. These insights enable providers to optimize their resources,processes and improve clinical outcomes.

Hospital- Infrastructure & Equipment 

One of the most pressing challenges facing healthcare systems world-wide is meeting the financial and practical issues brought about by the pressure to renovate existing treatment facilities. At GlobeHealer we work to help hospital departments and systems meet these pressure by integrating and streamlining their information technologies. It is well documented that Providers and Patients benefit considerably from increased information sharing, so that accurate  patient histories  and clinical data quickly arrive where they are needed.  Timely and precise information sharing enhances physician practices and patient care, ensuring patients receive effective treatment with the most appropriate intervention.  From patients seeking routine medical care to those requiring complex surgery, an advanced infrastructure  containing the latest medical technologies are vital to treating patients effectively . GlobeHealer identifies and then addresses shortcomings in healthcare infrastructures  to magnify patient  satisfaction and maximize successful outcomes.

Hospital  and Clinical Programs 

GlobeHealer’s unique position within the healthcare industry allows for our physicians to perform an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of clinical programs in various hospitals.  As an organization dedicated to improving quality of patient care, we work with health providers to constantly update and improve how healthcare of tomorrow may look.  Increasing communication between patients and healthcare providers can improve quality of care in hospitals just as well as it improves patient satisfaction. GlobeHealer aims to establish a system of patient feedback that identifies areas of improvement in different hospitals. The combination of our Research Division and our panel of expert physicians are then able to provide hospitals with feedback on which areas of patient care they must improve, as well as clinical programs that can be implemented to achieve improvements in these areas. GlobeHealer leverages our intelligent portal and cutting-edge systems to help hospitals encourage and implement innovative clinical programs. As clinical programs continue to develop, we at GlobeHealer are devoted to increasing the quality of care of our healthcare partners by aggregating feedback from patients and our physicians’ expertise.

Hospital – IT 

Between government incentives and patient demand, healthcare services cannot ignore the need to provide digitized patient, hospital, and treatment information. . Unfortunately, investments in electronic medical records (EMR) technology vary widely between different healthcare providers.  To address disparities in EMR usage and accessibility, GlobeHealer works with our partners  to encourage the digitalization of clinical information  using our secure, online interface.    Using the GlobeHealer online interface, patients can securely store and transfer their medical records electronically to multiple providers at once. GlobeHealer and our partners ensure patient information remains confidential and secure at all times. As a company looking to streamline and improve the continuity of healthcare delivery around the world, we continue searching for new and innovative ways to make the transfer of EMR more efficient between patients and providers, and connect patients to high quality providers.