Healthcare Simplified

GlobeHealer empowers patients by putting them at the center of their healthcare decision-making and offering them unparalleled control over their treatment.

Solutions That Meet Your Needs



Personalized healthcare solutions, case manager support, and education to manage all of your day-to-day health and wellness needs.


A patient-centric solution combining care managers, IoT enabled wellness devices, and education to prevent and manage chronic care.

Payers / Providers

Reduce readmissions, improve medication compliance, and gain insightful patient feedback through our ‘Total Patient Safety Net’ approach.

Our team has built a multi-use interactive health portal.

The portal is the foundation of our business and can be used by: patients to manage their day-to-day care needs, businesses to improve wellness, doctors to check in on patients and provide second opinions, and hospitals / insurance companies to better monitor post-discharge health.
Our portal is built for flexibility – connecting with our business partners to enable a variety of services (e.g., remote vitals monitoring, pharmaceutical genomics, prescription medication pricing analysis, etc.,) – all to better serve our clients.

Home Health Devices

Remotely monitoring your health has never been so easy, Stel has created an innovative device which provides patients with more insight into their health.