Tympanometry is an examination used to test the function and condition of the inner ear and eardrum. This is accomplished by measuring the tympanic membrane movement based on varying amounts of air pressure introduced to the ear canal.

What is it? 

A tympanometry test evaluates problems within the middle ear as a routine portion of an audiometry exam. By fluctuating air pressure within the ear canal, the test measures the movement of the tympanic membrane and the bones of the middle ear. A tympanometry may be necessary to detect eardrum damage, middle ear bone damage, fluid buildup, or a tumor within the middle ear.

What should I do to prepare?

There is no preparation necessary for this evaluation aside from scheduling an appointment.

What happens during the process?

This evaluation of the inner ear is accomplished using a probe-type instrument that is inserted into the ear canal. This instrument blows air into the ear canal and takes measurements of tympanic membrane movement.

What are the risks and potential complications? 

This procedure is a noninvasive evaluation without significant risks or complications associated with it. Some individuals may experience some discomfort due to loud noises and the ear probe.


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