Government Quality Measures

GlobeHealer acts as an independent, international accountability organization, measuring the operations of healthcare providers to enhance and ensure delivery of high-quality patient care. We use quality metrics accompanied with data analysis to review and produce practical and comprehensive feedback. This work facilitates operational transparency and encourages institutional reforms promoting the highest patient care standards. GlobeHealer focuses on patients’ entire healthcare experience, identifying key quality measurements to assess every step from triage to discharge. GlobeHealer assists patients through the duration of their clinical experience while promoting a patient-centric philosophy.

GlobeHealer’s unique quality metrics employ a combination of distinct qualitative and quantitative parameters to help our partner providers practice and provide high-quality care. These quality parameters capture the totality of a patient’s experience and facilitate the implementation of personalized, precision medicine. Patient’s voluntarily provide feedback on these quality measures, and after thorough analysis, GlobeHealer uses this data to derive data-driven insight and optimize patient care.

Gathering and providing data based knowledge helps patients understand which providers deliver consistent high-quality care, which enables patients to make prudent, cost-effective healthcare decisions with added confidence. Moreover, GlobeHealer’s database and comparison tools provide and reveal incentives for providers to restructure care delivery at the individual level and population level. GlobeHealer’s data-driven insights provide the information needed to enact focused policies with the aim of increasing transparency and efficiency in healthcare systems around the world.

In medicine, direct relationships between the quality and associated costs of healthcare are hard to find and even more difficult to quantify. There are multiple independent variables to consider, and any analysis must also account for wide variations and cost discrepancies between healthcare systems in countries around the world. GlobeHealer’s data analysis platform adjusts for all known variables, revealing the true costs of healthcare while also creating a competitive market and lowering costs.

We connect patients directly to providers and thereby, facilitate interactions that improve patient care. Using the aforementioned quality data, GlobeHealer meets the specific needs of individual patients. We consider a patient’s medical and financial situation and then connect them with the provider who delivers the best care. As GlobeHealer connects more patients to quality care and more patients provide our analysts with feedback data, this information will serve to enhance provider reputations, introducing an opportunity for increased patient volume and cost negotiations to serve this larger patient population. Once our database attains a large volume of data, GlobeHealer’s proprietary transaction tools, cost models, and predictive tools will help control healthcare costs, increase patient and provider satisfaction, and obviate the need for significant legislative actions.

Poorly defined cost controls and the resulting disproportionate increases in healthcare costs hinder patient access to quality care, despite acquiring premium insurance plans. Governments across the globe codified the need for compulsory health insurance to curb rising costs through broad legislative actions to support their population’s health with “affordable” healthcare coverage. Despite these efforts, healthcare costs continue to increase, and governments must allocate additional funds to accommodate escalating healthcare expenditures.

The GlobeHealer platform achieves the dual objectives of lowering healthcare costs while increasing quality. Governments working with GlobeHealer receive data-driven insights, helping legislators reassess healthcare budgets and provide citizens with comprehensive healthcare coverage. We give countries the information and tools to assess and lower healthcare expenditures, without sacrificing the quality of care provided to its citizens. GlobeHealer’s sound methodology – collecting and analyzing healthcare data will improve the quality of healthcare delivery worldwide while reducing healthcare costs.