Provider Quality Measures

GlobeHealer is a company built on the principles and practices of modern medicine, as such we support and work with providers to help them deliver higher quality healthcare. We are also firm proponents of patient-centric healthcare, and support international efforts to customize healthcare of every patient. Providing quality care is the focus of all physicians, and we should judge ourselves and our peers using enough objective metrics to adjust for the subjective nature of quality. At first glance, the notion of patient-centric and value-based care may seem to benefit patients exclusively, with providers working to fulfill the needs of the patient without receiving anything in return. By including patient feedback on care quality within the broader context of their healthcare experience, providers have the opportunity to learn and to improve the care they deliver.

GlobeHealer employs such quality metrics to monitor patient experiences from triage to discharge. The manner in which we collect this data is notable, unique, and simple – we conduct patient interviews at each phase of their treatment to obtain honest, direct reviews of our preferred hospitals’ performances. Collecting patient feedback through ongoing interviews maintains a high level of detail, avoids the potential for “recall bias” while providing a comprehensive picture of the patients’ care.

These quality metrics are not only informative but also offer real insights for providers to improve and enhance patient satisfaction. GlobeHealer and most of our peer’s view data analytics, which includes quality metrics, as a vital tool for developing and enacting long-term strategies to the day to day work of patient care.

Patient feedback on our partner hospitals allows for the creation of hospital-specific data indices. These indices provide comprehensive analyses of each facility’s strengths and weaknesses. Quality metrics pinpoint underachieving areas within the patient experience so providers may focus their efforts towards improving those areas. For example, a facility may be a leader in the admissions process, but fall short in quickly obtaining specialist consults. This feedback clarifies previously unaddressed flaws in preferred hospitals and stimulates improvement.

An interconnected network of hospitals employing GlobeHealer’s services also benefits from competition. Our partner providers receive data-derived analysis gleaned from anonymous patient feedback and may compare one another using our performance and quality metrics. To garner larger patient volumes and attain a definite competitive advantage, our providers must emphasize and reward quality performance to increase their public profile. As providers improve their quality and shift toward patient-centric and value-based care, patients easily recognize these changes and select providers with the highest observable care quality.

GlobeHealer envisions a transparent healthcare system where providers learn to deliver care using data analysis. Healthcare is gradually shifting towards a new paradigm, where quality is the preeminent benchmark. Making the competitive landscape more transparent, inspires an informed, empowered and engaged patient population. Patients should not burden themselves with price concerns when deciding on their medical treatment. Through GlobeHealer, providers access the tools and expertise needed to increase patient satisfaction and improve patient outcomes.

GlobeHealer created an innovative platform and healthcare model to promote consistent, high-quality care. Our platform also benefits providers, helping clinicians treat quality as a means of streamlining patient care. GlobeHealer’s emphasis on improvements through quality focused care is mutually beneficial for patients and providers alike. While our plan calls for a drastic revision of current healthcare practices, GlobeHealer believes this vision is practical and eminently feasible.

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Case Manager

Compared to the technological and scientific advances used daily in medical practice, the process of connecting patients to physicians, or institutions, who meet their treatment needs is archaic. Currently, the fastest way of setting up a patient appointment is for one physician to call another. This method is in urgent need of revision. GlobeHealer humbly proposes the following solutions.

Our system of connecting patients with high-quality institutions is unique in its efficacy and ability to enable both patients and physicians to schedule appointments quickly. GlobeHealer partners with elite institutions around the world – which enables our patients to receive priority access to providers and to use our innovative online portal. Patients can schedule visits, procedures, and obtain second opinions from other expert physicians. Providers may also expedite patient transfers from their facility to other institutions. GlobeHealer connects our international coalition of like-minded providers through our online resources and desire to improve patient care around the world.

Patients receive customized treatment options based on their cost preferences for care through our online portal. Our online portal also provides cost estimates for medical procedures in different regions around the world, which informs our users as they decide where to receive their medical care.

In addition to leveraging technology to connect patients to appropriate institutions efficiently, GlobeHealer assigns a Case Manager to each patient who guides the patient through the process of finding and receiving high quality, individualized medical care. GlobeHealer Case Managers are medical professionals who are uniquely qualified to aid and support patients throughout their healthcare journey. Our Case Managers are composed of a diverse group of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Our Case Managers undergo additional training from our international panel of expert physicians, so they learn to quickly identify and address patients’ needs of the patients and determine the appropriate institution for their treatment. Our Case Managers communicate closely with GlobeHealer’s preferred providers to inform patients with cost quotes for their treatment plan. Case Managers get to know each patient, their medical history, chief complaint, and address any additional concerns or questions to the best of their ability. Our Case Managers also ensure patients who use the GlobeHealer system are well-informed, know what questions to ask physicians, and how to make the most of their treatment plan. This encourages better doctor-patient interactions by filling gaps in communications and fostering a comfortable environment based on mutual understanding.

Patients referred to providers through GlobeHealer are prepared with a standardized set of case documents. The documents include a File Summary, which is completed by our Case Managers. This File Summary serves as a portable medical record, is a single document containing all the vital information concerning the patient’s medical status. This document is a practical tool for Case Managers, guaranteeing that regardless of where in the world GlobeHealer patients go for their medical care, any provider will be able to look at this File Summary and immediately understand both the patient’s past medical history and current health concerns. This approach is yet another method by which GlobeHealer actualizes the vision of connecting patients to high-quality healthcare providers around the world.

The GlobeHealer approach to connecting patients with high-quality care and facilitating that care benefits healthcare providers as well. Our Case Managers will help complete all requisite documents before a patient arrives at the facility, resulting in a quick production of documents for providers. Case Managers will also retrieve any documents doctors need without exhausting the time and resources of the provider. Another advantage for providers obtained from GlobeHealer Case Manager involvement is the ability to follow the patients’ payments and ensure no issues occur. This means payments are delivered on time, and both sides agree to the total treatment cost. Additionally, our Case Managers connect patients to eRetail for medical products that the patient may need, once again helping keep doctors’ and nurses’ attention on their patients, not extraneous work. The combination of helping providers manage patients paperwork and obtaining medical products for patients underscores the strength of our Case Manager model.

Our model improves healthcare delivery, allowing providers to focus their efforts on care management and ensuring that their resources and time are efficiently utilized in patient care.

One of the most enticing prospects of partnering with GlobeHealer lies in the ability to supply providers with detailed analytics about their performance on core quality metrics so that they may draw comparisons with other elite providers around the world. Our Case Mangers compile quality data from patient visits and generate anonymous feedback to providers on their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, quality metrics analysis provides suggestions to improve patient outcomes and attract more patients. Leveraging our online patient portal, we also supply providers with the ability to outsource their documentation, logistics, and referral work to us.

Creation of a dynamic patient portal and utilizing highly trained Case Managers to guide patients towards the best care options effectively embodies GlobeHealer’s concerted approach towards streamlining access to high-quality care. At the same time, GlobeHealer promotes improved doctor-patient communication by providing patients with the latest medical information to enhance dialogue between physicians and informed patients. GlobeHealer envisions a unified, international healthcare landscape directed towards providing the highest quality of patient care at an equitable cost. The healthcare network promoted by GlobeHealer is not only more efficient but also allows providers to focus on what they dedicated their lives to- applying medical science to help people using appropriate, high-quality medical care.

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