GlobeHealer provides patient-centered services, guiding users to premium healthcare. Contemporary healthcare faces two preeminent challenges: escalating expenditures and a lack of accountability. GlobeHealer works to address these challenges by deriving and highlighting the association between healthcare quality and costs using information gleaned from providers and patients Our work to address these challenges creates opportunities to form partnerships with insurance providers, and focus our collective efforts on engendering quality focused and efficient healthcare delivery systems to prevent unnecessary costs.

The innovative GlobeHealer platform allows patients to connect with providers and form strong ties with our informative and experienced Case Managers. The site offers intuitive comparison tools, a comprehensive research database, and descriptions of medical specialties and procedures. These features, based on transparent quality and cost data, empower patients with the information to make informed and cost-effective healthcare decisions. Through our platform, GlobeHealer will build a worldwide population of informed consumers who possess the resources to make practical and feasible healthcare decisions for their families and themselves. Cultivating a culture of informed healthcare consumers and engaged patients is a lofty goal with great ramifications – potentiating risk minimization in health outcomes and financial resource conservation.

GlobeHealer’s platform also creates a global healthcare market. Our platform presents patients with clear and cogent information on the world’s most illustrious healthcare providers. Information on outcomes, costs, and patient experiences encourages new patients to find the healthcare option that best meets their needs. To meet the growing demand for access to global healthcare services requires the availability of insurance policies that transcend national borders.

Implementing a significant number of novel quality metrics to assess healthcare systems strengthens GlobeHealer’s robust database and user tools. Our novel quality measures include unique parameters covering the entirety of patient care. Patients relay feedback through interviews led by our Case Managers, who capture elements of the patient experience not reflected in standardized exit interviews and conventional follow-up surveys. Our quality measures begin with pre-operative patient feedback which includes specialist meetings, procedure education, and staff efficiency. Additional patient feedback parameters consist of infections, length of stay, specialist involvement, nursing quality and ancillary support. Once discharged, patients have the opportunity to chronicle their experiences using a similar level of detailed feedback. GlobeHealer uses each patient’s unique healthcare experience to identify any gaps, inconsistencies or problems to enhance the healthcare delivery of individual providers or entire hospital networks.

Premium quality assurance forms the foundation of GlobeHealer’s operations. GlobeHealer’s decision to partner only with preferred JCI accredited providers exhibits our quality-focused approach to healthcare by only connecting patients to providers who consistently meet or exceed the highest standards and agree to comply with GlobeHealer’s additional metrics. We evaluate all of our preferred providers on the quality of their general and specialty-specific patient care to ensure that their services match their accreditation and reputation.

Aggregating, analyzing and applying the lessons learned from these quality metrics on a global scale presents a significant challenge but promises even greater rewards. Our unique quality focused data analytics provides a patient-centric framework – driving provider quality to maximize patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes. Such analysis also strives to control operating costs, reaffirming our belief that consistent delivery of quality care is cheaper and more effective. In an industry under increasing scrutiny and criticism for its lack of transparency, our quality-focused analysis offers solutions that minimize risk, empowers consumers, reduces unnecessary expenditures and steers healthcare delivery towards an efficient, value-based system.