Patient Quality Measures

Patients routinely have difficulty understanding what constitutes quality care. Misconceptions and unrealistic expectations amplify this problem and frequently hamper patients’ ability to make informed decisions regarding their health. In healthcare, informed decisions hold the balance between life and death, and so, access to accurate medical information on the quality of medical providers and procedures is of the utmost importance. GlobeHealer provides patients with this information to help them make judicious healthcare decisions.

GlobeHealer focuses on patients to ensure they receive information to find the best care possible. GlobeHealer partners only with preferred providers and hospitals to ensure that patients select from the best healthcare options in the world. After extensive research and thorough consideration, we connect patients with our preferred providers, who consistently maintain high patient satisfaction scores, exemplary specialties, international accreditations, and highly regarded reputations. These providers and facilities form a network of elite institutions which meet, or exceed, all of GlobeHealer’s high standards for quality care.

GlobeHealer’s healthcare philosophy emphasizes high-quality patient care as the unifying focus governing all phases of healthcare delivery. To sustain and implement this model of patient care, GlobeHealer connects patients to high-quality care by;

1) Assessing the latest hospital rankings and forming close ties with these “preferred hospitals.”

2) Creating a novel list of comprehensive quality metrics that we monitor throughout a patient’s healthcare experience.

GlobeHealer’s unique quality metrics are more organic and conversational in their tone than the more conventional, rigid and biased hospital issued surveys.

GlobeHealer’s approach to data analytics relies on an elite group of Case Managers, who work directly with patients, and biomedical researchers who analyze patient feedback. Through the combined efforts of GlobeHealer’s highly trained medical personnel and expert physicians, we apply the insights from our data analytics to strengthen and improve healthcare delivery around the world.

Patient feedback integrates quality measures that encompass the entire patient experience, from pre-admission to discharge. Since our method of attaining patient feedback is entirely different from conventional rating systems, our analysis reflects personalized reviews which carry more weight and provide hospitals with a greater impetus for improving patient care. And we do not limit patients to a rating system that confines their feelings to pre-determined responses. Rather, patients communicate openly with their personal Case Manager to concisely reflect their experience and clarify their needs.

In sum, our quality measures use a combination of clinical-based, service-based, and outcome-based satisfaction measures directly from our patients to improve healthcare across the globe. Patients are not anxious but, instead, are relaxed and confident knowing that their choices of providers result from years of dedicated research and reflect the highest standard of patient care, as defined by accomplished physicians and medical professionals. GlobeHealer’s philosophy and advocacy of transparency in healthcare information revolutionizes healthcare, motivating providers to achieve higher quality patient care. This model also allows patients to assess their care while navigating the system to reduce unnecessary procedures. GlobeHealer endeavors to shift the current paradigm by drastically reevaluating and elevating quality standards to maximize positive outcomes and facilitate equitable patient care worldwide.

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Case Manager

A global effort towards providing patients access to high-quality care is urgent and long overdue. GlobeHealer works to achieve this end for all our patients, providers, and stakeholders. The ultimate challenge for GlobeHealer is not only to improve clinical services but to achieve equitable health outcomes through a genuine integration of individual-level health promotion and preventive efforts with curative services. GlobeHealer accomplishes this mission with the support of medically trained Case Managers, and a harmonized system of technological and clinical expertise centered around the GlobeHealer data platform.

GlobeHealer endeavors to eliminate overly complicated healthcare delivery by bringing transparency to quality and price information. Quality and price transparency is the driving force behind our medical services and conceptual re-imagination of global health. Our comprehensive patient and provider platform educates our patients on disease-specific interventions while clarifying and simplifying healthcare delivery in partnership with our preferred providers. We leverage the medical experience of our GlobeHealer Case Managers, who are dedicated to helping patients make sense of this information to determine the medical care that best meets their needs while coordinating their care from start to finish. GlobeHealer Case Managers provide local, regional and global options so patients may “shop around” to select the healthcare provider of their choice.

When a patient decides to receive care through GlobeHealer, they are immediately connected with a Case Manager, a medically trained professional such as a junior doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. The Case Manager receives further assistance from patient advocates who work closely with patients throughout their treatment plan. Advocates help patients set up an account, establish a robust patient profile, upload necessary health records and documents, handle logistics, and assist the Case Manager as required to ensure patients are satisfied with their highly customized customer service experience. This model ensures GlobeHealer patients have a personalized medical, technology, and logistics team in place to facilitate the intermediate steps required to achieve the quality healthcare solution, which also empowers the patient with clear quality and price information provided in the GlobeHealer platform.

Our Case Managers actualize this vision, as they oversee every detail of their patients’ medical care to help them navigate and achieve the most from the treatment plan. These uniquely qualified individuals are healthcare professionals from diverse educational backgrounds, including junior doctors, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners. Case Managers are assisted by Advocates, who have experience as registered nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and other empathic customer care backgrounds. Case Managers coordinate with providers to complete paperwork, transfer medical documents via the GlobeHealer platform, schedule appointments, and quality-check the provider administration of the patient’s course of care while continuing to advocate on the patient’s behalf, providing guidance and support. Through this model, Case Managers work to catalyze the deployment and use of equitable health care.

GlobeHealer’s approach to healthcare gives patients unparalleled access to providers while ensuring greater care and attention are spent on their well-being. Working as a partnership, patients and Case Managers upload relevant medical information; procure expert opinions about specific symptoms; develop a tailored, comprehensive wellness plan that delivers the latest evidence-based science about your illness; and provide one-on-one support all year long. Most importantly, Case Managers streamline patient care, making sure all of a patient’s providers are moving in coordination toward the same goal. If any inconsistencies in care or communication arise, the Case Manager may elicit the services of a GlobeHealer Provider Liaison, a GlobeHealer Case Manager physically located and embedded in the provider facilities serving to ensure GlobeHealer patient care is coordinated within the facility. Working in concert with the Case Manager and Advocate, a Provider Liaison acts as an additional route of coordination and advocacy between the provider and Case Manager to maintain quality around the patient case.

Should a patient treatment plan prove exceptionally complicated, the patient and Case Manager always have access to GlobeHealer’s Expert Group. Specific, complex cases receive attention and involvement from a GlobeHealer medical expert chosen from GlobeHealer’s select group of expert physicians. Alternatively, a patient and Case Manager may want to consult a member of the Expert Group to review their case and approve of the chosen direction of the treatment plan or obtain additional information.

GlobeHealer Case Managers, assisted by the Expert Group and Advocates, provide patients with significant medical support. Included in this support is the ability to gain access to leading providers, realize decreased wait times, secure targeted and comprehensive exams while reducing unnecessary diagnostic tests and benefiting from partnerships with some of the top specialized medical centers around the world, all while making the patient’s health and well-being their top priority. Throughout the process, patient feedback facilitated by the Case Manager ensures that patients are given a voice in improving the quality of care by the providers.

Through the comprehensive GlobeHealer platform, patients can finally navigate a complex and opaque system. GlobeHealer Case Managers will work tirelessly to connect you to the best specialists for your particular condition and manage your medical team, who will ensure your customized medical experience is seamlessly implemented and executed to provide the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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