Provider Quality Measures

GlobeHealer is a company built on the principles and practices of modern medicine, as such we support and work with providers to help them deliver higher quality healthcare. We are also firm proponents of patient-centric healthcare, and support international efforts to customize healthcare of every patient. Providing quality care is the focus of all physicians, and we should judge ourselves and our peers using enough objective metrics to adjust for the subjective nature of quality. At first glance, the notion of patient-centric and value-based care may seem to benefit patients exclusively, with providers working to fulfill the needs of the patient without receiving anything in return. By including patient feedback on care quality within the broader context of their healthcare experience, providers have the opportunity to learn and to improve the care they deliver.

GlobeHealer employs such quality metrics to monitor patient experiences from triage to discharge. The manner in which we collect this data is notable, unique, and simple – we conduct patient interviews at each phase of their treatment to obtain honest, direct reviews of our preferred hospitals’ performances. Collecting patient feedback through ongoing interviews maintains a high level of detail, avoids the potential for “recall bias” while providing a comprehensive picture of the patients’ care.

These quality metrics are not only informative but also offer real insights for providers to improve and enhance patient satisfaction. GlobeHealer and most of our peer’s view data analytics, which includes quality metrics, as a vital tool for developing and enacting long-term strategies to the day to day work of patient care.

Patient feedback on our partner hospitals allows for the creation of hospital-specific data indices. These indices provide comprehensive analyses of each facility’s strengths and weaknesses. Quality metrics pinpoint underachieving areas within the patient experience so providers may focus their efforts towards improving those areas. For example, a facility may be a leader in the admissions process, but fall short in quickly obtaining specialist consults. This feedback clarifies previously unaddressed flaws in preferred hospitals and stimulates improvement.

An interconnected network of hospitals employing GlobeHealer’s services also benefits from competition. Our partner providers receive data-derived analysis gleaned from anonymous patient feedback and may compare one another using our performance and quality metrics. To garner larger patient volumes and attain a definite competitive advantage, our providers must emphasize and reward quality performance to increase their public profile. As providers improve their quality and shift toward patient-centric and value-based care, patients easily recognize these changes and select providers with the highest observable care quality.

GlobeHealer envisions a transparent healthcare system where providers learn to deliver care using data analysis. Healthcare is gradually shifting towards a new paradigm, where quality is the preeminent benchmark. Making the competitive landscape more transparent, inspires an informed, empowered and engaged patient population. Patients should not burden themselves with price concerns when deciding on their medical treatment. Through GlobeHealer, providers access the tools and expertise needed to increase patient satisfaction and improve patient outcomes.

GlobeHealer created an innovative platform and healthcare model to promote consistent, high-quality care. Our platform also benefits providers, helping clinicians treat quality as a means of streamlining patient care. GlobeHealer’s emphasis on improvements through quality focused care is mutually beneficial for patients and providers alike. While our plan calls for a drastic revision of current healthcare practices, GlobeHealer believes this vision is practical and eminently feasible.

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Case Manager

Compared to the technological and scientific advances used daily in medical practice, the process of connecting patients to physicians, or institutions, who meet their treatment needs is archaic. Currently, the fastest way of setting up a patient appointment is for one physician to call another. This method is in urgent need of revision. GlobeHealer humbly proposes the following solutions.

Our system of connecting patients with high-quality institutions is unique in its efficacy and ability to enable both patients and physicians to schedule appointments quickly. GlobeHealer partners with elite institutions around the world – which enables our patients to receive priority access to providers and to use our innovative online portal. Patients can schedule visits, procedures, and obtain second opinions from other expert physicians. Providers may also expedite patient transfers from their facility to other institutions. GlobeHealer connects our international coalition of like-minded providers through our online resources and desire to improve patient care around the world.

Patients receive customized treatment options based on their cost preferences for care through our online portal. Our online portal also provides cost estimates for medical procedures in different regions around the world, which informs our users as they decide where to receive their medical care.

In addition to leveraging technology to connect patients to appropriate institutions efficiently, GlobeHealer assigns a Case Manager to each patient who guides the patient through the process of finding and receiving high quality, individualized medical care. GlobeHealer Case Managers are medical professionals who are uniquely qualified to aid and support patients throughout their healthcare journey. Our Case Managers are composed of a diverse group of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Our Case Managers undergo additional training from our international panel of expert physicians, so they learn to quickly identify and address patients’ needs of the patients and determine the appropriate institution for their treatment. Our Case Managers communicate closely with GlobeHealer’s preferred providers to inform patients with cost quotes for their treatment plan. Case Managers get to know each patient, their medical history, chief complaint, and address any additional concerns or questions to the best of their ability. Our Case Managers also ensure patients who use the GlobeHealer system are well-informed, know what questions to ask physicians, and how to make the most of their treatment plan. This encourages better doctor-patient interactions by filling gaps in communications and fostering a comfortable environment based on mutual understanding.

Patients referred to providers through GlobeHealer are prepared with a standardized set of case documents. The documents include a File Summary, which is completed by our Case Managers. This File Summary serves as a portable medical record, is a single document containing all the vital information concerning the patient’s medical status. This document is a practical tool for Case Managers, guaranteeing that regardless of where in the world GlobeHealer patients go for their medical care, any provider will be able to look at this File Summary and immediately understand both the patient’s past medical history and current health concerns. This approach is yet another method by which GlobeHealer actualizes the vision of connecting patients to high-quality healthcare providers around the world.

The GlobeHealer approach to connecting patients with high-quality care and facilitating that care benefits healthcare providers as well. Our Case Managers will help complete all requisite documents before a patient arrives at the facility, resulting in a quick production of documents for providers. Case Managers will also retrieve any documents doctors need without exhausting the time and resources of the provider. Another advantage for providers obtained from GlobeHealer Case Manager involvement is the ability to follow the patients’ payments and ensure no issues occur. This means payments are delivered on time, and both sides agree to the total treatment cost. Additionally, our Case Managers connect patients to eRetail for medical products that the patient may need, once again helping keep doctors’ and nurses’ attention on their patients, not extraneous work. The combination of helping providers manage patients paperwork and obtaining medical products for patients underscores the strength of our Case Manager model.

Our model improves healthcare delivery, allowing providers to focus their efforts on care management and ensuring that their resources and time are efficiently utilized in patient care.

One of the most enticing prospects of partnering with GlobeHealer lies in the ability to supply providers with detailed analytics about their performance on core quality metrics so that they may draw comparisons with other elite providers around the world. Our Case Mangers compile quality data from patient visits and generate anonymous feedback to providers on their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, quality metrics analysis provides suggestions to improve patient outcomes and attract more patients. Leveraging our online patient portal, we also supply providers with the ability to outsource their documentation, logistics, and referral work to us.

Creation of a dynamic patient portal and utilizing highly trained Case Managers to guide patients towards the best care options effectively embodies GlobeHealer’s concerted approach towards streamlining access to high-quality care. At the same time, GlobeHealer promotes improved doctor-patient communication by providing patients with the latest medical information to enhance dialogue between physicians and informed patients. GlobeHealer envisions a unified, international healthcare landscape directed towards providing the highest quality of patient care at an equitable cost. The healthcare network promoted by GlobeHealer is not only more efficient but also allows providers to focus on what they dedicated their lives to- applying medical science to help people using appropriate, high-quality medical care.

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Government Quality Measures

GlobeHealer acts as an independent, international accountability organization, measuring the operations of healthcare providers to enhance and ensure delivery of high-quality patient care. We use quality metrics accompanied with data analysis to review and produce practical and comprehensive feedback. This work facilitates operational transparency and encourages institutional reforms promoting the highest patient care standards. GlobeHealer focuses on patients’ entire healthcare experience, identifying key quality measurements to assess every step from triage to discharge. GlobeHealer assists patients through the duration of their clinical experience while promoting a patient-centric philosophy.

GlobeHealer’s unique quality metrics employ a combination of distinct qualitative and quantitative parameters to help our partner providers practice and provide high-quality care. These quality parameters capture the totality of a patient’s experience and facilitate the implementation of personalized, precision medicine. Patient’s voluntarily provide feedback on these quality measures, and after thorough analysis, GlobeHealer uses this data to derive data-driven insight and optimize patient care.

Gathering and providing data based knowledge helps patients understand which providers deliver consistent high-quality care, which enables patients to make prudent, cost-effective healthcare decisions with added confidence. Moreover, GlobeHealer’s database and comparison tools provide and reveal incentives for providers to restructure care delivery at the individual level and population level. GlobeHealer’s data-driven insights provide the information needed to enact focused policies with the aim of increasing transparency and efficiency in healthcare systems around the world.

In medicine, direct relationships between the quality and associated costs of healthcare are hard to find and even more difficult to quantify. There are multiple independent variables to consider, and any analysis must also account for wide variations and cost discrepancies between healthcare systems in countries around the world. GlobeHealer’s data analysis platform adjusts for all known variables, revealing the true costs of healthcare while also creating a competitive market and lowering costs.

We connect patients directly to providers and thereby, facilitate interactions that improve patient care. Using the aforementioned quality data, GlobeHealer meets the specific needs of individual patients. We consider a patient’s medical and financial situation and then connect them with the provider who delivers the best care. As GlobeHealer connects more patients to quality care and more patients provide our analysts with feedback data, this information will serve to enhance provider reputations, introducing an opportunity for increased patient volume and cost negotiations to serve this larger patient population. Once our database attains a large volume of data, GlobeHealer’s proprietary transaction tools, cost models, and predictive tools will help control healthcare costs, increase patient and provider satisfaction, and obviate the need for significant legislative actions.

Poorly defined cost controls and the resulting disproportionate increases in healthcare costs hinder patient access to quality care, despite acquiring premium insurance plans. Governments across the globe codified the need for compulsory health insurance to curb rising costs through broad legislative actions to support their population’s health with “affordable” healthcare coverage. Despite these efforts, healthcare costs continue to increase, and governments must allocate additional funds to accommodate escalating healthcare expenditures.

The GlobeHealer platform achieves the dual objectives of lowering healthcare costs while increasing quality. Governments working with GlobeHealer receive data-driven insights, helping legislators reassess healthcare budgets and provide citizens with comprehensive healthcare coverage. We give countries the information and tools to assess and lower healthcare expenditures, without sacrificing the quality of care provided to its citizens. GlobeHealer’s sound methodology – collecting and analyzing healthcare data will improve the quality of healthcare delivery worldwide while reducing healthcare costs.

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Patient Quality Measures

Patients routinely have difficulty understanding what constitutes quality care. Misconceptions and unrealistic expectations amplify this problem and frequently hamper patients’ ability to make informed decisions regarding their health. In healthcare, informed decisions hold the balance between life and death, and so, access to accurate medical information on the quality of medical providers and procedures is of the utmost importance. GlobeHealer provides patients with this information to help them make judicious healthcare decisions.

GlobeHealer focuses on patients to ensure they receive information to find the best care possible. GlobeHealer partners only with preferred providers and hospitals to ensure that patients select from the best healthcare options in the world. After extensive research and thorough consideration, we connect patients with our preferred providers, who consistently maintain high patient satisfaction scores, exemplary specialties, international accreditations, and highly regarded reputations. These providers and facilities form a network of elite institutions which meet, or exceed, all of GlobeHealer’s high standards for quality care.

GlobeHealer’s healthcare philosophy emphasizes high-quality patient care as the unifying focus governing all phases of healthcare delivery. To sustain and implement this model of patient care, GlobeHealer connects patients to high-quality care by;

1) Assessing the latest hospital rankings and forming close ties with these “preferred hospitals.”

2) Creating a novel list of comprehensive quality metrics that we monitor throughout a patient’s healthcare experience.

GlobeHealer’s unique quality metrics are more organic and conversational in their tone than the more conventional, rigid and biased hospital issued surveys.

GlobeHealer’s approach to data analytics relies on an elite group of Case Managers, who work directly with patients, and biomedical researchers who analyze patient feedback. Through the combined efforts of GlobeHealer’s highly trained medical personnel and expert physicians, we apply the insights from our data analytics to strengthen and improve healthcare delivery around the world.

Patient feedback integrates quality measures that encompass the entire patient experience, from pre-admission to discharge. Since our method of attaining patient feedback is entirely different from conventional rating systems, our analysis reflects personalized reviews which carry more weight and provide hospitals with a greater impetus for improving patient care. And we do not limit patients to a rating system that confines their feelings to pre-determined responses. Rather, patients communicate openly with their personal Case Manager to concisely reflect their experience and clarify their needs.

In sum, our quality measures use a combination of clinical-based, service-based, and outcome-based satisfaction measures directly from our patients to improve healthcare across the globe. Patients are not anxious but, instead, are relaxed and confident knowing that their choices of providers result from years of dedicated research and reflect the highest standard of patient care, as defined by accomplished physicians and medical professionals. GlobeHealer’s philosophy and advocacy of transparency in healthcare information revolutionizes healthcare, motivating providers to achieve higher quality patient care. This model also allows patients to assess their care while navigating the system to reduce unnecessary procedures. GlobeHealer endeavors to shift the current paradigm by drastically reevaluating and elevating quality standards to maximize positive outcomes and facilitate equitable patient care worldwide.

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Business Quality Measures

While some patients and most physicians are acutely aware of the challenges and shortcomings in healthcare, most patients lack the information to make informed decisions. Many patients do not know how to ascertain which providers deliver the highest quality care, how much a given procedure costs and what to expect following treatment. Even veteran physicians find themselves at a loss and do not know how to adjust and compete in an evolving industry facing escalating operating costs, government oversight and public scrutiny. These are only a few reasons why GlobeHealer seeks to radically change the healthcare industry.

Our company connects a global patient population with elite providers around the world while enhancing healthcare delivery and patient experiences. GlobeHealer aims to raise patient care standards across the planet – using patient feedback to encourage physicians to abide by higher standards and thereby, increase patient satisfaction. Disseminating this patient provided data to our global audience will foster a competitive market environment, benefitting all involved parties. The GlobeHealer model is revolutionary in its size and scope, yet grounded by patient-centric medicine to impact the worldwide healthcare marketplace.

Founded by clinically astute and accomplished physicians, and fueled by their lifelong desire to help patients, GlobeHealer works to identify and address the rampant inconsistencies in healthcare delivery. With this inspiration and guidance, GlobeHealer maintains a unique vision and plan to improve the healthcare industry for all. Our founder identified healthcare’s limitations, and we endeavor to address these problems through increased transparency. At GlobeHealer we strive to rectify and simplify healthcare delivery, using data analysis to improve clinical outcomes, provide greater accessibility, and integrate care coordination to maximize patient satisfaction.

Giving providers the data derived insights to deliver patient-focused, high-quality care is our primary concern. To actualize and support our vision, GlobeHealer partners with providers after extensive research to confirm our partners offer exemplary services and high-quality care. Our partners are further assessed using patient-provided feedback over the course of their treatment. We use this feedback to improve hospital practices by identifying gaps, inconsistencies, and waste in their healthcare delivery while also recommending specific strategies to streamline clinical and business processes.

We assess and analyze patient feedback using unique quality metrics. These metrics help physicians define high-quality patient care from clinical-, service-, and outcome-based perspectives. Our feedback parameters are comprehensive and cover the totality of a patient’s healthcare experience including pre-op and post-op assessments. Our feedback is so extensive because we believe health care does not end when a patient leaves the hospital. Contemporary healthcare is holistic and cannot confine its focus only to events which occur within hospital walls. Extending our patient feedback metrics to cover the entirety of a patient’s experiences provides the data required to identify and fill any gaps in the process. And as ancillary benefits, insights derived from patients’ feedback will improve healthcare practices and increase patient satisfaction. We gather personalized patient feedback which is detailed, measurable, generalizable, and not confined to those frequently used rating scales with wide variability.

These quality measures expose and explain systematic shortcomings in healthcare systems. And with assistance from the GlobeHealer Expert Physician Group, we work to help you address these issues. Working with GlobeHealer leads to higher standards in healthcare and better patient outcomes. GlobeHealer seeks to drive high standards of quality, ultimately assuming the role of an equalizer between raising quality and lowering costs in the global healthcare market.

GlobeHealer strives to implement high-quality standards to repair and correct the system. Through GlobeHealer, patients gain access to healthcare options, select the care they need, with accurate cost estimates. GlobeHealer’s visions allow patients to access the care they need and deserve, not just the care they can afford. With a Case Manager guiding patients every step of the way, there are no surprises. This feature, if properly utilized, can change healthcare delivery around the world and empower patients with information and accessible technology. As a business, the vision of GlobeHealer is clear: to simplify healthcare and enact higher patient care standards everywhere.

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Case Manager

Contemporary healthcare systems intentionally put patients in precarious situations. Patients need care, but they lack the information necessary to make cost-effective and informed decisions. Without first consulting a physician, patients usually base their healthcare decisions on anecdotal information or advertisements to decide where they receive treatment, how much their care costs, and what to expect after undergoing a procedure. Facing all these questions creates anxiety in an already stressful situation and so patients feel overwhelmed and lost while making important health care decisions.

GlobeHealer supports patients, with guidance and support through their entire treatment plan. Our services empower patients, arming them with information and a support team to help them take control of their healthcare decisions anywhere in the world. GlobeHealer’s secure patient portal serves as an international informational and data-derived resource. Replete with the latest, accurate and comprehensive healthcare information and quality and cost data from some of the world’s most esteemed healthcare providers; our portal removes the unknowns from healthcare. Supplementing our emphasis on increased quality and cost transparency, we connect our patients with GlobeHealer Case Managers.

Our Case Managers foster efficient and effective communications between providers and patients through the portal. GlobeHealer connects patients to preferred providers around the world while their individual Case Manager helps them understand which provider best fits the patient’s needs. Case Managers are always available for patients to contact with any questions, comments or concerns they may have regarding their treatment plan. Case Managers work as an indefatigable guide for their patients. Data analytics also serves to guide and support patient’s decisions.

GlobeHealer uses unique quality measures obtained directly from patients over the course of their medical care. Case Manager’s collect patient’s feedback, which facilitates a sincere and frank conversation regarding all aspects of the patient’s treatment. After collecting, aggregating and analyzing this feedback, Case Managers relay this feedback to providers, while maintaining patient anonymity, to improve clinical and business practices.

Our company may well become a paradigm business model, by effectively bringing the hub and spoke model to fruition in medical practice. Through our company’s services and inventive patient portal, GlobeHealer works with our partner providers, so they serve more patients effectively. Meeting the needs of an increased patient population enhances the reputation and success of our partner providers. GlobeHealer’s innovative business model and platform, along with our continuing technological advances ensures GlobeHealer remains a pillar of stability in a dynamic, worldwide healthcare ecosystem for many years to come.

Every patient’s healthcare experience is unique, and GlobeHealer understands this humble observation. Founded by healthcare professionals to remove the inconsistencies in from healthcare, GlobeHealer looks to reshape healthcare delivery and customize care for individual patients. Everyone has different needs, and through the personalized support of GlobeHealer Case Manager, patients will experience healthcare through an entirely different and clearer lens.

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Insurance Quality Measures

GlobeHealer provides patient-centered services, guiding users to premium healthcare. Contemporary healthcare faces two preeminent challenges: escalating expenditures and a lack of accountability. GlobeHealer works to address these challenges by deriving and highlighting the association between healthcare quality and costs using information gleaned from providers and patients Our work to address these challenges creates opportunities to form partnerships with insurance providers, and focus our collective efforts on engendering quality focused and efficient healthcare delivery systems to prevent unnecessary costs.

The innovative GlobeHealer platform allows patients to connect with providers and form strong ties with our informative and experienced Case Managers. The site offers intuitive comparison tools, a comprehensive research database, and descriptions of medical specialties and procedures. These features, based on transparent quality and cost data, empower patients with the information to make informed and cost-effective healthcare decisions. Through our platform, GlobeHealer will build a worldwide population of informed consumers who possess the resources to make practical and feasible healthcare decisions for their families and themselves. Cultivating a culture of informed healthcare consumers and engaged patients is a lofty goal with great ramifications – potentiating risk minimization in health outcomes and financial resource conservation.

GlobeHealer’s platform also creates a global healthcare market. Our platform presents patients with clear and cogent information on the world’s most illustrious healthcare providers. Information on outcomes, costs, and patient experiences encourages new patients to find the healthcare option that best meets their needs. To meet the growing demand for access to global healthcare services requires the availability of insurance policies that transcend national borders.

Implementing a significant number of novel quality metrics to assess healthcare systems strengthens GlobeHealer’s robust database and user tools. Our novel quality measures include unique parameters covering the entirety of patient care. Patients relay feedback through interviews led by our Case Managers, who capture elements of the patient experience not reflected in standardized exit interviews and conventional follow-up surveys. Our quality measures begin with pre-operative patient feedback which includes specialist meetings, procedure education, and staff efficiency. Additional patient feedback parameters consist of infections, length of stay, specialist involvement, nursing quality and ancillary support. Once discharged, patients have the opportunity to chronicle their experiences using a similar level of detailed feedback. GlobeHealer uses each patient’s unique healthcare experience to identify any gaps, inconsistencies or problems to enhance the healthcare delivery of individual providers or entire hospital networks.

Premium quality assurance forms the foundation of GlobeHealer’s operations. GlobeHealer’s decision to partner only with preferred JCI accredited providers exhibits our quality-focused approach to healthcare by only connecting patients to providers who consistently meet or exceed the highest standards and agree to comply with GlobeHealer’s additional metrics. We evaluate all of our preferred providers on the quality of their general and specialty-specific patient care to ensure that their services match their accreditation and reputation.

Aggregating, analyzing and applying the lessons learned from these quality metrics on a global scale presents a significant challenge but promises even greater rewards. Our unique quality focused data analytics provides a patient-centric framework – driving provider quality to maximize patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes. Such analysis also strives to control operating costs, reaffirming our belief that consistent delivery of quality care is cheaper and more effective. In an industry under increasing scrutiny and criticism for its lack of transparency, our quality-focused analysis offers solutions that minimize risk, empowers consumers, reduces unnecessary expenditures and steers healthcare delivery towards an efficient, value-based system.

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Case Manager

A global effort towards providing patients access to high-quality care is urgent and long overdue. GlobeHealer works to achieve this end for all our patients, providers, and stakeholders. The ultimate challenge for GlobeHealer is not only to improve clinical services but to achieve equitable health outcomes through a genuine integration of individual-level health promotion and preventive efforts with curative services. GlobeHealer accomplishes this mission with the support of medically trained Case Managers, and a harmonized system of technological and clinical expertise centered around the GlobeHealer data platform.

GlobeHealer endeavors to eliminate overly complicated healthcare delivery by bringing transparency to quality and price information. Quality and price transparency is the driving force behind our medical services and conceptual re-imagination of global health. Our comprehensive patient and provider platform educates our patients on disease-specific interventions while clarifying and simplifying healthcare delivery in partnership with our preferred providers. We leverage the medical experience of our GlobeHealer Case Managers, who are dedicated to helping patients make sense of this information to determine the medical care that best meets their needs while coordinating their care from start to finish. GlobeHealer Case Managers provide local, regional and global options so patients may “shop around” to select the healthcare provider of their choice.

When a patient decides to receive care through GlobeHealer, they are immediately connected with a Case Manager, a medically trained professional such as a junior doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. The Case Manager receives further assistance from patient advocates who work closely with patients throughout their treatment plan. Advocates help patients set up an account, establish a robust patient profile, upload necessary health records and documents, handle logistics, and assist the Case Manager as required to ensure patients are satisfied with their highly customized customer service experience. This model ensures GlobeHealer patients have a personalized medical, technology, and logistics team in place to facilitate the intermediate steps required to achieve the quality healthcare solution, which also empowers the patient with clear quality and price information provided in the GlobeHealer platform.

Our Case Managers actualize this vision, as they oversee every detail of their patients’ medical care to help them navigate and achieve the most from the treatment plan. These uniquely qualified individuals are healthcare professionals from diverse educational backgrounds, including junior doctors, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners. Case Managers are assisted by Advocates, who have experience as registered nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and other empathic customer care backgrounds. Case Managers coordinate with providers to complete paperwork, transfer medical documents via the GlobeHealer platform, schedule appointments, and quality-check the provider administration of the patient’s course of care while continuing to advocate on the patient’s behalf, providing guidance and support. Through this model, Case Managers work to catalyze the deployment and use of equitable health care.

GlobeHealer’s approach to healthcare gives patients unparalleled access to providers while ensuring greater care and attention are spent on their well-being. Working as a partnership, patients and Case Managers upload relevant medical information; procure expert opinions about specific symptoms; develop a tailored, comprehensive wellness plan that delivers the latest evidence-based science about your illness; and provide one-on-one support all year long. Most importantly, Case Managers streamline patient care, making sure all of a patient’s providers are moving in coordination toward the same goal. If any inconsistencies in care or communication arise, the Case Manager may elicit the services of a GlobeHealer Provider Liaison, a GlobeHealer Case Manager physically located and embedded in the provider facilities serving to ensure GlobeHealer patient care is coordinated within the facility. Working in concert with the Case Manager and Advocate, a Provider Liaison acts as an additional route of coordination and advocacy between the provider and Case Manager to maintain quality around the patient case.

Should a patient treatment plan prove exceptionally complicated, the patient and Case Manager always have access to GlobeHealer’s Expert Group. Specific, complex cases receive attention and involvement from a GlobeHealer medical expert chosen from GlobeHealer’s select group of expert physicians. Alternatively, a patient and Case Manager may want to consult a member of the Expert Group to review their case and approve of the chosen direction of the treatment plan or obtain additional information.

GlobeHealer Case Managers, assisted by the Expert Group and Advocates, provide patients with significant medical support. Included in this support is the ability to gain access to leading providers, realize decreased wait times, secure targeted and comprehensive exams while reducing unnecessary diagnostic tests and benefiting from partnerships with some of the top specialized medical centers around the world, all while making the patient’s health and well-being their top priority. Throughout the process, patient feedback facilitated by the Case Manager ensures that patients are given a voice in improving the quality of care by the providers.

Through the comprehensive GlobeHealer platform, patients can finally navigate a complex and opaque system. GlobeHealer Case Managers will work tirelessly to connect you to the best specialists for your particular condition and manage your medical team, who will ensure your customized medical experience is seamlessly implemented and executed to provide the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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