Scar Revision


This procedure is used to improve the appearance of scars. It also helps reduce any skin abnormality caused by the scar.

What is it?

When a person has an injury, it is common for a scar to develop in its place. Sometimes the scar can form a keloid which is a different color from the surrounding skin and is thicker. Scar revision works to get rid of keloids and any other scars that are thick, unwanted, or cause the skin to tighten.

How to prepare?

When preparing for scar revision surgery it is important the patient avoids taking any aspirin. As a guardian, it is important to tell the plastic surgeon medications list of the child. The plastic surgeon and his medical team will give specific instructions and explain the surgery in detail.

What happens during the process?

The scar revision process depends on the type of scar the patient has. Depending on the size, shape, and deepness of the scar, a local anesthetic may be used or the patient could be fully sedated. There are multiple ways to improve the appearance of scars. The scar can be removed and the new wound will be closed by the plastic surgeon carefully. A skin graft can be used on scars left by burns or other injuries. This involves the removal of skin from one part of the body and moving it to the injury site. Tissue expansion can also be used to treat scars. A balloon will be inserted under the skin and inflated with salt water. This causes the skin to expand and grow over time. Using a wire brush, the doctor will scrape away the top layer of skin, this process is called dermabrasion. Dermabrasion causes the skin to heal, reducing any blemishes.

Risk and complications:

* Bleeding

* Infection

* Reaction to anesthesia

* Breathing problems

* Scar recurrence

* Keloid recurrence

* Separation of the wound


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