Root Planing


Root planing is one method to treat severe gum disease that arises from bacterial accumulation in the periodontal pocket. Root planing involves the cleaning of root surfaces to remove dental plaque and calculus.

What is it?

Root planing cleanses the area between the gums and the teeth down to the roots of the teeth to effectively treat gum disease. This procedure is performed when the gums start to pull away from the teeth or when the roots possess tartar deposits.

What should I do to prepare?

There are no special preparations required for this procedure. It is recommended to practice and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits.

What happens during the process?

First, a local anesthetic is applied to the site where the site of interest. The dentist uses an ultrasonic device for the planing and will clean the plaque and tartar between the gums and the teeth. Once cleaning reaches completion, antibiotic fibers are then placed in between the gums and the teeth to expedite the recovery period and to prevent infection.

What are the risks and potential comlications?

Root planing can cause harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, and the gums are also prone to infection as well. Antibiotics may be necessary both before and after the procedure to prevent serious infection. Having an impaired immune system, artificial body parts, heart problems, or having gone through any surgeries recently may require the use of antibiotics.


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