Reconstructive Surgery Post-Burn


Reconstructive burn surgery improves the function of the burned area and the look of the burned area.

What is it?

Reconstructive burn surgery improves the use of the area of a burn and it helps improve the appearance of the burnt area helping the patient feel more comfortable in their skin. Reconstructive burn surgery happens after the wounds have had time to heal. For the the surgery scar tissue needs to be manipulated in different ways, surgical and non-surgical.

How to prepare?

In preparation for reconstructive burn surgery it is important to talk with the plastic surgeon about the expectations the patient has. As a guardian it is important for the child to understand that the surgery will not return the skin to what it looked like before the burn. It is crucial that your surgeon has a complete medical history of the child and perform a full physical examination. the surgeon will explain the surgery in detail and give specific instructions to the guardian and discuss the risks and complications of the procedure.

What happens during the process?

There are two options for reconstructive burn surgery which are operative or non-operative. Non-operative surgeries include scar massages, chemical peels, and pressure grafting. Operative procedures include skin grafts and skin rearrangements. When a patient receives a skin graft it means they had a piece of skin moved from one part of the body to the scar location. Depending on the size of the burn area and the severity of the surgery the patient needs to be in the hospital.

Risk and complications:

* Skin discoloration

* Scarring

* Uneven skin surface

* Infection

* Bleeding

* Reduced skin sensitivity

* Chronic pain

* Allergic reaction

* Loss of grafted skin


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