Lung Cysts and Tumor Resection


What is it?

The presence of congenital lung cysts is a rare condition that may present within infants during the weeks after birth. Infants that appear to be healthy during the days or weeks after birth may experience a medical emergency due to difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and consequently, blue skin and lips due to lack of oxygen. After being admitted to the hospital, lung cysts are detected using chest scans and removed through emergency surgery.

How to Prepare

Since this procedure is performed under emergency circumstances, preparation is not always possible or necessary. The surgeons and physicians will take appropriate action to prepare the child for surgery as they see fit.

What happens during the procedure?

The infant’s chest is opened through an incision to expose the lungs underneath the rib cage. The cysts are surgically removed and the chest cavity is drained and closed. Infants remain in the hospital during the days or weeks following surgery so that they are closely monitored to promote a safe recovery.

Risks and Complications

* Bleeding

* Infection

* Aspiration

* Death

* Pneumothorax

* Post anesthetic laryngotracheitis


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