Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Arthoscopy


What is it?

Arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure that can be performed on the knee, hip, or shoulder joints. It is a useful diagnostic and assessment tool because it allows a physician to use a tiny camera to observe joints using a minimally invasive technique. Often the arthroscopy is able to find tears, injuries, inflammation, or loose bodies of cartilage, and the patient can return home the same day.

How to Prepare

The patient should discuss current medications with the surgeon to reduce the body’s susceptibility to bleeding. The surgeon and his medical team will give specific instructions to the patient and will explain the procedure in detail. It is advised that the patient wears comfortable, loose clothing to the appointment and arrange for a ride home after the procedure has been completed.

What happens during the procedure?

A general or local anesthetic may be used, depending on the location and extent of the arthroscopy. First, a small incision is made through which the arthroscope is inserted into the joint. The surgical team then examines the joint using a TV monitor relaying signals from the arthroscope. When the arthroscopy is complete, the incision site is closed, and the patient is observed for several minutes before being cleared for discharge.

Risks and Complications

* Infection

* Blood clots

* excessive swelling or bleeding

* damage to blood vessels or nerves

* instrument breakage


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