Gynecomastia, also referred to as male breast reduction, is a procedure intended to reverse effects of swollen breast tissue caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. The procedure removes fat, glandular tissue, and sometimes skin to reduce the size of the breasts.

What is it?

Gynecomastia is enlarged breast tissue in men, and the surgery reduces the breast tissue caused by hormone level shifting due to antibiotics, medicine, or recreational drugs and alcohol. It can also be caused by an overactive thyroid gland, kidney disease, or a tumor on one of the glands that control hormone levels. It also naturally occurs during puberty as well and goes away on its own.

What should I do to prepare?

To prepare for gynecomastia correction surgery, patients should stop smoking at least four weeks before surgery. The patient should stop taking medicines containing aspirin, ibuprofen, or vitamin E. Additionally, patients should arrange for transportation to and from the hospital. He or she should not eat or drink anything after midnight before the surgery.

What happens during the process?

In the case that the condition doesn’t go away, medicine can be prescribed to lower estrogen levels. In the surgical case, a small cut is made on the breast and extra breast tissue is removed. The nipple or the areola may need to be repositioned in this case. Liposuction, where extra fat underneath the skin is suctioned out, can also be a solution.

What are the risks and potential complications? 

One of the risks of Gynecomastia is that it can come back if a healthy lifestyle isn’t kept, too much weight is gained, or steroids or drugs that affect testosterone levels are used.


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