Facial Lift


A surgery that removes the facial skin to create a more youthful appearance. A plastic surgeon lifts and tightens the underlying muscles that have begun to sag with age.

What is it?

A face-lift reduces the appearance of wrinkles of the face caused by age. The skin is lifted off the face so that the skin underneath and the tissues can be tightened.

What should I do to prepare?

Patients should not take medicines containing aspirin, ibuprofen or vitamin E, as they can increase the risk of bleeding. The patient should also avoid smoking and drinking within a week of the procedure. He or she should refrain from eating anything after midnight the night before surgery. Additionally, patients should arrange for transportation to and from the surgery.

What happens during the process? 

General anesthesia, or the combination of a sedative and local anesthesia, is used in the procedure to numb the skin. The doctor makes an incision around the temple, across the hairline, and followed to the front of the ear.  The surgeon might remove any excess fat or skin, then tighten the muscles and raise the skin.  Once this has been completed, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures.

What are the risks and potential complications? 

With any procedure, there is always the risk of infection. A patient should contact their doctor if a fever develops, if there is an unusual amount pain or swelling, or any abnormal discharge from the incision.


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