Breast Surgery


Breast Surgery

As adolescents mature they begin to see changes in their bodies. Breast conditions are particularly harmful to self esteem and mental well-being. Breast surgery is performed to reform breasts to make the patient feel comfortable in their own bodies.

What is it?

There are many breast conditions adolescents may face as they mature. Gynecomastia, macromastia (overly enlarged female breasts), breast masses, breast pain, and breast asymmetry are all conditions that teens might face. Breast surgery can help these conditions. Breast surgery is performed to reduce breast size, remove breast masses, and improve breast pain.

How to prepare?

In preparation for surgery patients and their guardians will need to consult with their doctor to fully understand what the patient expects and how the process will take place. It will be important for the patient to get a medical evaluation and lab testing done prior to surgery. Doctors will tell the patient to stop smoking. It will be important for the patient to not take any aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or herbal supplements before surgery and when the patient should stop taking these drugs. At the same time, it is important for the doctor to know all medications the patient is using.

What happens during the process?

The process depends on the condition the teen faces. For example, a patient with breast masses will need breast surgery to remove the mass, however, a patient in need of gynecomastia will need liposuction of the excess fat around the breast and excision to reform the nipple and breast. Breast surgery is an umbrella term for many different possible surgeries.

Risk and complications:

* Bleeding

* Infection

* Chronic pain

* Scarring

* Blood clots

* Fat tissue around breast might die

* Allergic reaction to anesthetic

* Change in nipple sensation

* Damage to nerves or blood vessels

* Inability to breastfeed


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