Biliary Reconstruction- Pediatric

Biliary reconstruction refers to procedures performed on the bile delivery system. Children born with no bile duct, blockages in the ducts, or liver abnormalities may need biliary reconstruction surgery.

What is it?

There are a number of biliary reconstruction procedures, and the majority are minimally invasive surgeries. In laparoscopic biliary reconstruction, the surgeon uses a laparoscope to go in and fix any biliary conditions. Many different techniques are used to reconstruct the bile duct, including removing obstructions in the ducts, or rerouting some of the bile ducts.

What should I do to prepare?

Certain medications like NSAIDS, aspirin, and vitamin supplements should be avoided for a week prior to the surgery. Patients should be limited to the exposure of second-hand smoke. Patients may need to be on a liquid diet just before surgery.

What happens during the process?

During this procedure, the patient will be given anesthesia. The doctors will make a small incision in the abdomen. Once they have made the incision, the laparoscope projects a video of the patient’s insides to a screen, allowing doctors to see what they are doing. Once the surgeon has the laparoscope inside the patient, he or she will use different techniques in order to reconstruct the bile duct.

What are the risks and potential complications?

Risks associated with biliary reconstruction are injuries to surrounding organs, infection, and bleeding.


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