Case Manager

Contemporary healthcare systems intentionally put patients in precarious situations. Patients need care, but they lack the information necessary to make cost-effective and informed decisions. Without first consulting a physician, patients usually base their healthcare decisions on anecdotal information or advertisements to decide where they receive treatment, how much their care costs, and what to expect after undergoing a procedure. Facing all these questions creates anxiety in an already stressful situation and so patients feel overwhelmed and lost while making important health care decisions.

GlobeHealer supports patients, with guidance and support through their entire treatment plan. Our services empower patients, arming them with information and a support team to help them take control of their healthcare decisions anywhere in the world. GlobeHealer’s secure patient portal serves as an international informational and data-derived resource. Replete with the latest, accurate and comprehensive healthcare information and quality and cost data from some of the world’s most esteemed healthcare providers; our portal removes the unknowns from healthcare. Supplementing our emphasis on increased quality and cost transparency, we connect our patients with GlobeHealer Case Managers.

Our Case Managers foster efficient and effective communications between providers and patients through the portal. GlobeHealer connects patients to preferred providers around the world while their individual Case Manager helps them understand which provider best fits the patient’s needs. Case Managers are always available for patients to contact with any questions, comments or concerns they may have regarding their treatment plan. Case Managers work as an indefatigable guide for their patients. Data analytics also serves to guide and support patient’s decisions.

GlobeHealer uses unique quality measures obtained directly from patients over the course of their medical care. Case Manager’s collect patient’s feedback, which facilitates a sincere and frank conversation regarding all aspects of the patient’s treatment. After collecting, aggregating and analyzing this feedback, Case Managers relay this feedback to providers, while maintaining patient anonymity, to improve clinical and business practices.

Our company may well become a paradigm business model, by effectively bringing the hub and spoke model to fruition in medical practice. Through our company’s services and inventive patient portal, GlobeHealer works with our partner providers, so they serve more patients effectively. Meeting the needs of an increased patient population enhances the reputation and success of our partner providers. GlobeHealer’s innovative business model and platform, along with our continuing technological advances ensures GlobeHealer remains a pillar of stability in a dynamic, worldwide healthcare ecosystem for many years to come.

Every patient’s healthcare experience is unique, and GlobeHealer understands this humble observation. Founded by healthcare professionals to remove the inconsistencies in from healthcare, GlobeHealer looks to reshape healthcare delivery and customize care for individual patients. Everyone has different needs, and through the personalized support of GlobeHealer Case Manager, patients will experience healthcare through an entirely different and clearer lens.