What we are solving

Ever increasing hospital readmission rates and patient dissatisfaction add to the burden for both hospitals and insurers. GlobeHealer’s “total patient safety net,” helps hospitals decrease readmission rates through personalized care management, improved patient medication compliance, remote health monitoring, post discharge assistance. Furthermore, GlobeHealer collects feedback directly from patients, and strives to be a champion for the patient. Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) helps providers and clinicians understand their patients’ needs, expectations, and treatment options in a fundamentally new manner.

The Solution

Decrease hospital readmission rates

Improve patients quality of life

Engage in risk stratification outreach

Post-discharge health monitoring

Family engagement

Health education and behavior change

Case Study

GlobeHealer real time vitals monitoring helped prevent a hypertensive patient be readmitted to the hospital by being in constant touch after her discharge, and monitoring her blood pressure via remote vitals and wellness technologies. When the blood pressure readings came up higher than usual, her status was brought to the attention of her primary care physician who was able to intervene in a timely manner, understand the situation and educate the patient, readjust the patient’s medication – preventing a re-admission to the hospital. 

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