What we are solving

Escalating healthcare cost continue to be complex to manage. Increasing co-pays, premium escalations, and other actions do very little to address the fundamental issues facing the rising costs of care.​

GlobeHealer takes a different approach, we have created a patient-centric integrated technology solution and process that focuses on preventing and managing chronic care conditions, not simply treating.​

Our Population Health 2.0 approach integrates care managers, IoT enabled vitals and wellness monitoring technology, increased touchpoints, and disease specific education to truly deliver an ROI for wellness.

Our Solution

Increased employee engagement

Reduced absenteeism

Improved medication compliance

Decreased readmissions

Enhanced employee risk stratification

Improved health education and literacy

Membership Tiers




Access to Wellness Portal

Personal Health Records

Medication Monitoring

Appointment Scheduler

Individualized Wellness Progression and Reporting

Biometric Monitoring

Smart Vitals Monitoring Devices

Alert Management – Case Manager and Primary Care Physician

Surgical Research Assistance

Annual Medical Document Curation

Personalized Education and Support

Pharmaceutical Genomics

Prescription Medication Cost Analyzer Tool

Expert Second Medical Opinions

.25 – $1 per person
$49 per person
$59 per person

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