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Which Hospital to choose for Surgery/Procedure?

GlobeHealer connects patients to the best hospitals in India. We give you best quotations from hospitals across India. You can choose the best and the most affordable treatment for your loved one.

Support during and after Surgery

Our experienced team guides you through the entire process of planning (Estimate, Package cost, Treatment Cost), surgery and post-op care.

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    Liver Transplant
    Our Liver Transplant centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as the laparoscopic Argon Beam Laser as well as Tissue Link which are used in combination with other methods of liver resection like CUSA and Laparoscopic Vascular Stapling.
    Kidney Transplant
    Our Kidney Transplant is a living donor kidney transplant program that offers patients total integration of care from pre-surgery management, through the kidney transplant surgery and postoperative.
    Cancer Treatment
    Our comprehensive Cancer Programs provide full spectrum of treatment and follow up care. The goal of cancer treatment is to eliminate cancer and to prevent or reduce recurrence in future. Various types of cancer therapy are used alone or in combination depending on type of cancer, stage of tumor and your medical condition.
    Heart Treatment
    Our Cardiologists and Cardiothoracic Surgeons treat all cardiovascular disorders including coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias and valvular heart disease
    Our Orthopaedics team provides the latest in surgical techniques, medical approaches, imaging technology for hip and knee, spine, shoulder and elbow and all other orthopaedic specialties.

    About GlobeHealer

    GlobeHealer empowers patients – putting them at the center of their healthcare decision-making and offering them unparalleled control over their treatment. GlobeHealer simplifies the process of finding and receiving quality healthcare anywhere in the world, providing patients with information and access to the best care.
    We have tie-ups with super specialty hospitals across India to get the best treatment  options to you.

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