Consulting Services

The GlobeHealer team is comprised of world-class medical experts and caregivers who understand the challenges confronting healthcare companies firsthand. Providers need to deliver higher quality care, while reducing costs and improving operations. They also face a dynamic regulatory environment and changing market dynamics. The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture, underscoring a need for innovation and improvement.

GlobeHealer harnesses its team’s deep and diverse experience to help clients deliver greater value to their patients and other constituents.

1. Healthcare Governance

Governance in a healthcare setting refers to striving for and continuing to achieve high quality patient care. GlobeHealer provides services that will support healthcare governance goals around the world. By partnering with expert physicians and leading health institutions, GlobeHealer will match patients up with the care they need at a convenience to the patient. Additionally, GlobeHealer provides access to procedural costs and hospital analytics that will hold healthcare providers accountable for the care they are giving. By allowing the patient the ability to measure their best options for treatment all around the world, GlobeHealer is bettering healthcare systems for those who need it most.

2. Patient Concierge Services

Patient Concierge Services are present to provide patients with the utilities that will make their hospital stay easier and more enjoyable. GlobeHealer’s presence would greatly help Patient Concierge Services, and GlobeHealer itself serves as a Patient Concierge Service. With access to GlobeHealer’s database of procedure and hospital information, we will easily be able to inform patients about everything they need to know for a certain procedure, including cost, total recovery time, risks, and more. Patients will also benefit from GlobeHealer’s patient feedback resources, as patients are filled in on what others who have gone through similar struggles have to say about what lies ahead. GlobeHealer’s unique and thorough information index will also help accompany patients through their hospital stay. By referring to GlobeHealer, patients can see what hospitals strengths are and receive help in making decisions.

3. Physician Recruitment & Placement

Many hospitals around the world need help determining best fit physicians to provide quality care over short- or long-term engagements, a difficult task that requires a high level of organization and experience. The GlobeHealer Expert Group of physicians allows us to assist providers in matching the right doctors with the appropriate environment, utilizing our exceptional network of established physicians to make informed recommendations about Physician Recruitment and Placement. Moreover, by valuing the benefit of real and transparent patient feedback coupled with hospital gathered metrics, GlobeHealer assists providers in analyzing hospital-physician performance in relation to patient driven quality and cost parameters to assist providers in optimizing resources and processes.

4. Hospital- Infrastructure & Equipment

One of the most pressing challenges the healthcare industry faces today is constantly renewing the infrastructure and medical equipment used to serve patients. We at GlobeHealer strive to build an intelligent, practical infrastructure in the hospitals with which we work. Hospital departments and systems that were previously separated can benefit considerably from increased information sharing, whether that’s regarding patient histories or the newest surgical procedures. This devotion extends to ensuring patients are treated and rehabilitated with the safest, most effective technologies. Whether patients are seeking a routine medical check-up or an elaborate organ transplant, intelligent infrastructure and up-to-date medical equipment are paramount to the success of patients’ treatments. GlobeHealer’s aim is to identify and reform shortcomings in the infrastructure of the healthcare industry, improving the patient’s overall satisfaction with their health care.

5. Hospital –Clinical Programs

GlobeHealer’s unique position within the healthcare industry allows for our physicians to perform an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of clinical programs in various hospitals. As an organization dedicated to improving quality of patient care, we work with health providers to constantly update and improve how healthcare of tomorrow may look. Increasing communication between patients and healthcare providers can improve quality of care in hospitals just as well as it improves patient satisfaction. GlobeHealer aims to establish a system of patient feedback that identifies areas of improvement in different hospitals. The combination of our Research Division and our panel of expert physicians are then able to provide hospitals with feedback on which areas of patient care they must improve, as well as clinical programs that can be implemented to achieve improvements in these areas. GlobeHealer leverages our intelligent portal and cutting-edge systems to help hospitals encourage and implement innovative clinical programs. As clinical programs continue to develop, we at GlobeHealer are devoted to increasing the quality of care of our healthcare partners by aggregating feedback from patients and our physicians’ expertise.

6. Hospital – IT

Today, healthcare services cannot neglect the growing need for patient, hospital, and treatment information to be available online. This process is far from uniform, and many healthcare providers differ in the amount of information they make available online. GlobeHealer and our partners aim to streamline healthcare treatment by making this information easily accessible via GlobeHealer’s online interface. Furthermore, some hospitals are now beginning to embrace health information technology (health IT) as a superior, secure method to store and exchange patient information. By connecting to GlobeHealer, patients can secure, store, and transfer their medical records electronically, allowing for this information to be readily accessible by both the patient and their doctors. GlobeHealer and our associates prioritize patient confidentially, safety, and satisfaction throughout their entire healthcare journey. We will continue searching for new and innovative ways to streamline the transfer of medical records between patients and providers electronically, as well as introduce new, intelligent systems of connecting patients to high quality providers.